Non-sparking tools

Non-sparking tools
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    Tools BETA INOX can be used in harsh environments or areas and areas that do not qualify for the minimum level of contamination. Some...

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The spark Beta tools are specific to operate in absolute safety in environments with a potential risk of explosions, with the presence of flammable liquids or gases or for applications that require the use of tools perfectly antimagnetic and highly resistant to corrosion. From non-sparking keys to non-sparking pliers to non-sparking hacksaws, any maintenance will be without risk of explosion. This particular range of Beta spark-proof tools they are produced in copper and beryllium alloy (Cu / Be) with a composition of Be 1,8 ÷ 2,3% Co + Ni min. 0.2%, Co + Ni + Fe max. 1.2%, compensating Cu.Hardness 310 ÷ 360 Brinell, tensile strength 1050 ÷ 1200 N / mm², yield point 840 ÷ 880 N / mm², all Beta spark-proof tools are certified by the institute for BAM research and testing according to the European directive 99/92 / EC .