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    Great choice of torque angle gauge Beta for all your precision work at exclusive prices and interesting. Tools for tightening precise angled and with the maximum efficiency that allow the tightening of screws in the predetermined tensions, required especially in numerous organs of engines of cars and trucks, through the measurement of the torsion angle. An attack framework male and female is integral with a disc with index and is free to rotate within a graduated ring. A small anchor bracket, slide along the circumference of the graduated scale, allows an easy positioning of the lever reaction. You can also choose a Torque angle gauge in a plastic case, comfortable and professional. Essential for the tightening of screws in the predetermined voltages via the measurement of the angle of twist can be used with torque wrenches, ratchets or square male 1/2 "and do not need to have a fixed reference point to anchor to. In addition, it is equipped with sound (BUZZER) and warning lights (LED) that indicate the approach and achievement of the angle set. Among the many features: direct reading of the angle (ANGLE), setting angle to reach (SET), the maximum value reached (MAX) -999 ° / + 999 °. Our torque angle gauge for tightenings are all accurate and professional, suitable for car workshops, laboratories and individuals who need a valid and efficient equipment at a cost really very interesting.


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