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We offer the best scissors Beta multipurpose stainless steel that are always perfect, always by the blades sharp for your works of high precision and high quality. Scissors Beta read, manageable from the comfortable, easy grip, in different sizes depending on your needs and use reported to your work. Real professional scissors is for your business but also for your home, your hobbies and do-it-yourself. If you prefer the model of scissors Beta heavy because you are used to use this tool in all its weight and substance, you have the possibility to choose between different models all at an outstanding value and competitive. For the work of precision scissors offer the best on the market at 132 mm long tips. Furthermore, in the specific, we also propose models for Kevlar and fiber optics, for extreme precision in cutting. As you can see we have many models that are best suited to your every need and lend themselves to all the different types of work and cuts, from the ergonomic grip and maximum dexterity.


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