Safety shoes Beta

Safety shoes Beta
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  • Mountain safety shoes, Beta Heavy-Duty
    Mountain safety shoes  "heavy duty" Beta. A range of Mountain safety shoes, mountain safety boots in oiled leather and waterproof work...
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  • Underfoot covers and laces
    Insoles and strings, for safety shoes.

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Today, working well and professionally means wearing safety shoes or Beta safety shoes . Whether you are self-employed or have employees, you must, even by law, think about the importance of safety at work; this is the right section to buy safety shoes, insoles and laces Beta Work.

The line of safety footwear Beta Work has won over the years the trust and preference of millions of the most demanding professionals. The success in safety shoes for work Beta Work has generated constant evolution and expansion of the range offered.

It is a good rule and rule to make sure that the footwear corresponds to the required category of protection (S1 S2 S3), depending on the type and place of work and the legislation in force.

Beta Work safety shoes comply with the EN ISO 20345: 2011 standard, are non-slip and are made with both bi-density polyurethane soles and HRO non-slip rubber soles. The footwear line includes the main types of work shoes: low, high, boots, work sandals to meet the needs of various sectors such as the manufacturing industry, craftsmanship, construction, the automotive sector including self-repair, the plumbing and electrical, logistics and services sectors.


Make sure that the footwear corresponds to the required protection category, according to the type and place of. The following are the European reference standards with any additional features.

EN ISO 20344: Test methodology and general requirements.

EN ISO 20345: Safety footwear with toecap resistant to 200 Joules. Footwear falling within this standard is marked with the letter “S” (safety = safety).

EN ISO 20346: These shoes are basically the same as safety shoes, but with the toe with a resistance of 100 Joules have a marking with the letter "P" (Protective = protection) and therefore are recognized as protective footwear, they are used where a protection of only 100 Joules is sufficient.

EN ISO 20347: They are footwear without the protective toecap, marking takes place with the letter "O" (Occupational = professional), therefore they are considered professional footwear.

To identify the protection category, the letter "S" is followed by letters and / or numbers.

SB Minimum requirements: Tip with resistance of 200 Joule. Upper in split leather or similar. Minimum height of the upper.
S1 SB features supplemented by: Antistatic (A). Energy absorption in the heel area (E). Closed back shoe. (Also low shoe) Anti-slip UNI EN ISO 20345. Method according to EN 13287
S2 S1 features complemented by: Waterproofing of the upper, water resistance for at least 1h (WRU).
S3 S2 features complemented by: Anti-perforation foil or insert (P). Sole sculpted or knobby.
S4 S1 features complemented by: Resistance to hydrocarbons (ORO).
S5 S4 features integrated by: Anti-perforation foil or insert (P). Sole sculpted or knobby. EN ISO 20346.

The Beta safety footwear line has gained trust and preference over the years of the most demanding professionals. The success of the product has generated constant evolution and expansion of the range of products.


Before use, make a visual check of the general condition of the shoe, checking seams, state of the sole and closure systems, also checking that the shoe has all the characteristics indicated by the label, and especially if the shoe has a toecap and anti-puncture midsole.


Prolonged and / or repeated use is strictly not recommended:

• in contact with organic agents, herbicides, pesticides and acids in high concentration.

• at extreme temperatures (over -10 ° C and + 70 ° C).

• complete immersion in water, mud, mortar and similar.


Due to numerous factors (humidity during storage and modification of the structure of materials in the time) it is not possible to establish with certainty how long the shoe will be stored. In general, for footwear made entirely of polyurethane or with a polyurethane bottom, a maximum duration of three years is in any case conceivable. For the other types of footwear, a maximum duration of five years is conceivable. This term refers to new footwear, packaged and stored under controlled conditions, i.e. avoiding strong temperature and relative humidity excursions.