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Beta torque multipliers

Beta torque multipliers

Torque multipliers Beta, right-handed / left-handed, have among their main characteristics usually a female square drive 1/2 "square drive and 1" male, with maximum torque 2500nm and ratio 12: 1 leverage provided with reaction straight reaction foot. Our models also have a special backstop: Due to the multiplication ratio is in fact equipped with a system of non-return ratchet mechanism in the two directions (incorporated in the torque multiplier on the inlet side) to prevent it from discharging the accumulated tensions on 'operator for each shot of maneuver and to allow the discharge to a gradual end of the maneuver. A slider bar tubular reaction, equipped with locking screws, it extends the possibilities of ancoraggio.Trovate Beta tools torque multipliers at competitive prices, you can buy our force multipliers in case and with several references as square drive female 1/2 "square drive male 3/4", 1500nm and maximum torque ratio 6.5: 1; some models are equipped military reaction straight and foot reaction. You can also opt for force multipliers 5: 1 ratio with reaction foot 560/4