Pliers and wire cutters

Pliers and wire cutters
  • Combination pliers
    The Combination pliers Beta , are pliers to excellence as they offer multiple possibilities of use on both flat...
  • Cutting nippers
    And Cutting nippers Beta are made of alloy steel to molybdenum with high carbon content to ensure high toughness...
  • Needle long nose pliers
    Needle long nose pliers Beta Tools , Pliers with long beaks are a subcategory of Beta universal pliers and...
  • Adjustable pliers
    Adjustable pliers Beta Tools , Originally designed for the hydraulic sector , pliers adjustable Beta , also...
  • Self locking pliers
    Self locking pliers Beta Tools , The self locking pliers are produced in various models that differ in the different...
  • Pliers for circlips
    Pliers for circlips Beta Tools , This line of pliers for circlips is divided into two lines : pliers for...
  • Pliers for electronics
    Pliers for electronics and micromechanics Beta
  • Cutters for electronics
    Cutters for electronics Beta Tools , are special   Cutters for micromechanics , precision electronics and model .
  • Workshop spring tweezers
    The Beta tweezers high precision spring, in self-locking stainless steel with rounded beaks, are the best for all those who work in...
  • Locking wire pliers

Pliers and wire cutters Beta tools are designed to help in every way manual work, offering easy handling, convenience and security of having in his hands the tools efficient, guaranteed by the brand Beta Tools. Pliers are available for every application, from the most common Pliers Beta universal calipers for plumbers, the release pincers and a parrot.


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