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Bolt cutters and pincers

Bolt cutters and pincers

Bolt cutters Beta and pliers Beta. We propose special pincers, carbon steel heat treated to 45 HRC hardness. Of course you can also find and purchase a wide range of cutters at prices that are not really many advantageous comparison, a high-quality brand Beta. A very attractive prices we also have various models of tagliafuni steel, and minitroncabulloni special for cutting steel hardness up to 80 kg / mm2 diameter 4mm. The manageability and lightness of this model make it specific to a use not burdensome. You will also find spare parts for head cutters and special cutters characteristics blades phosphated, painted body and handles with rubber grips. Highly reliable, blades body forged steel to ensure strength and durability with handles made of tubular steel that ensure the necessary lightness and maneuverability, while the parallel adjustment of the blade is by eccentric bolts. We also propose Tong Beta for cementisti with PVC-coated handles and tongs for cementisti painted with various features such as additional treatment of hardening of the cutting edges. The profile of the two ends of the heads is obtained with a special grinding process that ensures accurate and perfect alignment of the cutting edges. The result is an exceptional sweetness also cuts wire medium-hard.