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Combination wrenches Beta Tools

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Combination wrenches Beta Tools are wrenches for work that have an end fork and the other polygonal and are therefore indicated for tightening hex nuts. The Combination wrenches Beta Tools 42 differ in two finishes: polished and satin. The former have a higher durability against chemical agents. The second, however, allow you to have a better grip and are the most widely used in fields where the seal is important. Combination wrenches Beta Tools are available in complete sets (with support or in envelope) or available individually. You can find both combination wrenches Beta Tools in inches or millimeters. In case of different jobs, it is preferable to directly purchase a set of Combination wrenches with more measures, so as to be able to be able to perform all work to not be without the measurement of key to suitable work and, at the same time, save time . We have available different sizes, starting from 5,5, and the best characteristic is given by the heads that occupy the minimum space. Modern manufacturing techniques ensure high mechanical resistance limits that allow significantly higher than those of ISO 1711-1. Because keys combined must be extremely reliable and must be able to be used in a rapid, fast and with as much dexterity. This is why the best choice falls on combination wrenches Beta synonymous undisputed quality and professionalism.


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