Tools for electricians Beta

Tools for electricians Beta
  • Electricians scissors Beta
    Scissors for electricians Beta Tools. Specific scissors for cutting wire and cable. In this category you can find the best electrician...
  • Insulated screwdrivers Beta Tools
    Insulated screwdrivers professional according to DIN EN 60900 which include a test on every single screwdriver at a voltage of 10,000...
  • Digital multimeters
    Complete line of digital multimeters  Beta Tools commonly called testers and voltage detectors. Screwdrivers tester, current clamps...
  • Crimping pliers and crimp terminals
    Crimping pliers Beta Tools, isolated and not crimp terminals suitable for the application of terminals on electric cables. Ring...
  • VDE pliers insulated 1000V
    VDE pliers insulated 1000V Beta tools, of various sizes and shapes , pliers isolated Beta grip dual material...
  • Wire stripping pliers Beta
    Wire stripping Pliers Beta , designed to simplify and speed up the removal of the insulating sheaths of cables and wires.
  • Soldering irons Beta
    Welders, soldering irons  and soldering stations Professionals Beta Tools. A range of soldering irons  of various powers including...
  • Other VDE tools insulated 1000V
    Other VDE tools insulated 1000V Beta tools,  which isolated wrenches , socket wrenches isolated , insulated gloves ,...
  • Cable cutters
    Cable cutters Beta Tools for insulated cables copper or aluminum cables.
  • Cable stripping tools
    Cable strippers Beta, make it simple the removal operation of the sheath from insulated cables.
  • Pliers for cable ties and cable ties
    Pliers for cable ties  Beta Tools and nylon cable ties. Specific equipment for electrical wiring is also used in various applications...
  • Products under the brand name BM
    BM Group has been designing, manufacturing and distributing connecting parts and electrical installation products since 1958....

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Section dedicated to tools for electricians and electrical engineering. Beta has created a wide range of specific tools for electrical maintenance workers and electricians, such as screwdrivers, pliers, sockets and other insulated tools. They are available in suitcases full for all technical needs, which individually. The insulated tools Beta products are designed to ensure the safety of installers and electricians. All insulated tools allow to operate in plants in voltage, up to 1000 V alternating current and direct current up to 1500V. To ensure the highest level of quality and performance, and to ensure suitability and compliance with EN 60900, each tool block is subjected to a thorough examination of verification which includes: grip strength tests pullout and propagation of flame and test voltage applied to one hundred thousand volts.