Screwdrivers, male-end wrenches, and bits

Screwdrivers, male-end wrenches, and bits

The beta screwdrivers are created to meet professional users that require these tools to the highest performance with maximum comfort of use.

  • Bits and bit holders Beta
    Bits Beta and bit holders , also called bits for screwdrivers, drills are usually interchangeable with connection 1/4 ", can be used...
  • Precision screwdrivers Beta Tools
    Precision screwdrivers Beta . Range of precision screwdrivers designed for electronics, micromechanics, the eyewear industry and all...
  • BetaMax screwdrivers
    Screwdrivers BetaMax are the flagship model of the set of screwdrivers products from Beta Tools. Among the many characteristics we can...
  • BetaEasy screwdrivers
    The line of screwdrivers BetaEasy consists of screwdrivers with dual material handle with rigid core polypropylene and thermoplastic...
  • BetaGrip screwdrivers
    The new Beta grip screwdrivers are born thanks to years of experience in the design of screwdrivers and the close collaboration with...
  • Allen keys beta tools
    The Beta Tools allen keys (or hexagon keys) Beta are present in various sizes and models, in sets and series. Also, for the most...
  • Allen t-handle wrenches beta
    Allen t-handle wrenches  Beta Tools are Allen keys with Allen that have the distinction of being full and ergonomic handle, than the...
  • T handle allen wrenches Beta Tools
    T handle allen wrenches Beta , unlike the model Usag, this model has the bracket sliding maneuver. This allows a further handling of...
  • Hammerable screwdrivers Beta Tools
    Hammerable screwdrivers Beta Tools , synonymous with quality. The screwdrivers to beat, due to their robustness and the particular...
  • Interchangeable blade screwdrivers Beta Tools
    The screwdrivers with interchangeable blades Beta allow the delivery of a complete range of inserts in a single pouch pocket, of...
  • Screwdriver socket wrenches Beta Tools
    Screwdrivers socket wrenches  Beta are suitable for rapid tightening and repetitive. The minimum thickness of the mouths hexagonal...
  • Offset screwdrivers Beta Tools
    The offset screwdrivers Beta , also called angle screwdrivers, are very practical for screwing and unscrewing screws in particularly...
  • Screw holding screwdrivers Beta Tools
    Screw holding screwdrivers  Beta, thanks to their particular claw permit locking screws securely to them, making it possible to...

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Impact screwdriver with 14...
impact screwdriver with 14 insets and 1 socket holder beta...
Article: Beta Tools 1295/C14 Code: 012950108
€116.50 Price
impact screwdriver beta tools 1295
Article: Beta Tools 1295 Code: 012950001
€49.00 Price
Magnetizer for screwdrivers...
magnetizer for screwdrivers beta tools 1200ms
Article: Beta Tools 1200MS Code: 012000000
€13.00 Price


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