Tools for plumbers

Tools for plumbers
  • Pipe wrenches Beta Tools
    Beta Tools pipe wrenches are designed for the maneuver of fittings and pipes. Commonly are sets with a screw on the side of the...
  • Pipe cutters
    Beta pipe cutters for steel of the highest quality, the proposed models in different sizes and solutions, tools, robust, forged steel,...
  • Tube expanding pliers and tube flaring tools
    If you are looking for an expander and tube flaring Beta quality, you are in the right category. If you need to expand or flare pipes...
  • Pipe benders
    The Pipe benders  Beta are made specifically to make it easier the work of all professionals working in the plumbing industry. Beta...
  • Special plumbing tools
    In this category are equipment and tools that facilitate the operation of the plumber on installation or repair of faucets, sanitary...
  • Plastic welding machines and heating plates for polywelders
    Plastic welding machines and heating plates for polywelders, suitable for welding of plastic pipes.

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Tools for plumbers, all tools that can be used to make the plumbing work: from the most general to the most specific, Beta in his assortment, it puts them at our disposal.