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    Tools for automotive

    Tools for automotive

    Over 40 years of experience in the world of motor racing alongside the most prestigious teams, have produced a line of tools for car repair which are essential in the delivery of each workshop, large or small. They are everyday tools for the technician.

    • Tools for engines
      Tools for engines

      A wide range of tools for engines maintenance, specific equipment for the timing, and interventions on combustion engines.

    • Equipment Workshop cars
      Equipment Workshop cars

      Workshop equipment specific to work on cars, motorcycles and trucks, which include a wide range of equipment such as presses, jacks, hoists, gantries and anything for your workshop.

    • Tire service tools
      Tire service tools

      Section dedicated to tire service tools, a range of key cross, inflating guns, Teflon impact sockets for all work on tires of cars and trucks.

    • Changing oil tools and changing oil filters
      Changing oil tools and changing oil filters

      Wrenches for oil filters and oil caps, specific equipment for oil change, tools for replacing oil filters and oil, diesel and petrol. Everything you need for changing the engine oil. Wrenches...

    • Avvitatori a impulsi a batteria, Beta
      Avvitatori a impulsi a batteria, Beta

      Tournevis sans fil, Beta Outils Les clés à chocs et les perceuses-visseuses à batterie ne sont pas seulement puissantes, elles établissent également de nouvelles normes en matière de poids et...

    • Car electrician tools
      Car electrician tools

      We have a wide assortment of tools for car electrician and maintenance of electrical cars and motorcycles, keys to the teeth for alternator connector cigarette lighter bike, batteries fillers,...

    • Tools for brakes
      Tools for brakes

      Tools for brakes , cars, motorcycles and vehicles. Tools for the replacement of calipers, brake pads and brake shoes, brake oil and purging braking systems, all of the specific equipment for the...

    • Workshop diagnostics tools
      Workshop diagnostics tools

      Tools and specific equipment for diagnostics car in the automotive sector.

    • Transmission tools
      Transmission tools

      Tools for the maintenance of transmission chains and transmission of cars and motorcycles.

    • Tools for car shock absorbers
      Tools for car shock absorbers

      Equipment for replace suspension, trim, shock absorbers, springs for cars and commercial vehicles.

    • Tools for body shops
      Tools for body shops

      Tools for body shops Beta , wide choice of hammers for body builders , rates for bodybuilders and other tools specific to the bodywork .

    • Motorcycle repair tools
      Motorcycle repair tools

      Beta Tools is a leading company in the production of professional hand tools. The quality and reliability of Beta products are guaranteed by over eighty years of experience and tradition....

    • Utensili per Bicicletta Beta