Measuring and marking tools

Measuring and marking tools
  • Measuring tapes Beta Tools
    There are many of our products can make it really easy and professionally your work , among our tools you can...
  • Workshop squares Beta Tools
    We propose a series of workshop teams . Also we have several models in stainless steel hat ground and lapped ....
  • Spirit levels Beta Tools
    Spirit levels Beta, available  bubble levels , in different sizes and characteristics such as magnetic levels, adjusted, with handle,...
  • Precision levels Beta Tools
    Precision levels Beta Tools , in different dimensions and characteristics such as the magnetic levels and ground,...
  • Vernier calipers
    If you are looking for the precision of perfect measurements, you have to buy Beta Vernier calipers that make any precise your...
  • Micrometer Beta Tools
    Our Beta micrometer calipers  are measuring instruments that can measure accurately lengths with an accuracy down to the centesimal. In...
  • Dial indicators Beta Tools
    Our dial indicators  Beta ensure maximum precision. There is a wide choice of all the models and the prices are very competitive. The...
  • Screw pitch gauges and feeler gauges Beta Tools
    Our pitch gauge Beta are a measuring instrument used to determine the pitch of a thread . They consist of a series...
  • Workshop protractors and workshop bevel protractors
    The Workshop protractors and workshop bevel protractors Beta workshop have been studied in order to measure the angles .
  • Graduated rules
  • Scribers
    The scribers Beta are specific for engraving and marking on metals and other hard materials.
  • Spring callipers
    Spring callipers  Beta tools are used in industry where it is very important to the accuracy of the sign on metals, plastics, wood and...

Measuring instruments of the highest accuracy, to meet the needs of everyone, always with the reliability and competence data from the Beta. A range of measuring instruments reliable and highly practical, covering the most common tasks with the class of suitable accuracy.


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