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Other pneumatic air tools

Other pneumatic air tools

Pneumatic specialty Beta Tools

  • Windscreen remover 1938
    Windscreen remover 1938

    Windscreen remover Article Beta Tools 1938 • Supplied with 1 55-mm straight blade • Piped exhaust Oscillations/minute20,000 Working pressure6.2 bar Mean air consumption200 l/min Internal...

  • Air saw 1942
    Air saw 1942

    air saw Article Beta Tools 1942 • Due to the reduced number of strokes, this handy, powerful tool makes it possible to accurately work on several different materials • Complete with speed...

  • Needle scaler 1944
    Needle scaler 1944

    needle scaler Article Beta Tools 1944 • This powerful universal descaler is suitable for removing rust, paint and welding slags from large metal surfaces • The independently moving 19 steel...

  • Air riveters Beta
    Air riveters Beta

    Air riveter Article Beta Tools 1946 • Lightweight, well-balanced and easy to use • Supplied with interchangeable nozzles, 2.4 -3.2 – 4.0 – 4.8 mm long, a safety nail container and a balancing...

  • Engraving pen 1948
    Engraving pen 1948

    engraving pen Article Beta Tools 1948 • Due to its carbide tungsten bit, it allows such materials as steel, glass, stone and ceramics to be marked • Provided with a speed regulator and a...