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Torque wrenches and torque multipliers

Torque wrenches and torque multipliers

The range of torque wrenches Beta, in his conception of different models and capabilities, enables the solution of most of the problems related to the need for controlled tightening. Beta torque multipliers are designed to be used on nuts and bolts when it is NECESSARY to use movements torques higher than those allowed by the strength of the operator.

  • Beta torque wrenches
    Beta torque wrenches

    Beta torque wrenches are are designed for controlled tightening of screws nuts and bolts to the correct torque value. Essential for any professional, such as mechanical, tire shops, car...

  • Torque bars
    Torque bars

    Torque bars and accessories for Beta dinabeta bars. Unlike wrenches, the torque bars Beta allow the use of ratchets, sockets, wrenches, etc., thanks to the interchangeable head. The torque...

  • Electronic torque wrenches
    Electronic torque wrenches

    Electronic torque wrenches  Beta are designed exclusively for precision work. Electronic torque wrenches  or digital torque wrenches offers the possibility of adjusting the clamping force via...

  • Beta torque multipliers
    Beta torque multipliers

    Torque multipliers Beta, right-handed / left-handed, have among their main characteristics usually a female square drive 1/2 "square drive and 1" male, with maximum torque 2500nm and ratio 12: 1...

  • Torque screwdrivers
    Torque screwdrivers

    The Beta torque screwdrivers , are also called dynamometric screwdrivers , are divided into two main types: the first is the pre-calibrated model, ie without adjustments, necessarily pre...

  • Torquemeters

    The torquemeters  Beta are used for the torque measurement and the calibration accuracy of the products dynamometer. The torquemeters  also allow the verification of torque wrenches and torque...

  • Torque angle gauge
    Torque angle gauge

    Great choice of torque angle gauge  Beta for all your precision work at exclusive prices and interesting. Tools for tightening precise angled and with the maximum efficiency that allow the...