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Pursuant to and for the effects of art. 13, Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196

The owner of the Betafer trademark is Betafer SNC, owner of the Betafer website and manager of the site.

The protection of personal data is a matter of trust and the trust of customers is very important for Betafer SNC. For this reason, Betafer SNC intends to respect the private and personal sphere of its customers and to comply with any applicable law regarding the processing of personal data. With this declaration, Betafer SNC intends to inform the customer about the purposes and methods of processing personal data collected and request their consent to use them for certain purposes.

Taking note of this information, the customer will be informed about the purposes and methods of detection and processing of personal data communicated in the context of browsing the website and at the time of placing a purchase order, in any manner ( eg electronic, telephone) this communication takes place. The customer can visit the online store and generally surf the website, without having to communicate personal data. While browsing the aforementioned site, at no time will it be possible to identify the customer, who will remain anonymous, unless he decides to communicate his data and / or access his account by typing username and password.

The customer can print and / or save this information, using the normal browser functions ("File" - "Save as"), or download it in PDF format and archive it. For a correct view of the PDF, it will be necessary to use the free Adobe Reader program (available on the website or other equivalent programs, which support the PDF format.

1. Collection and processing of personal data

1.1 Collection and processing of personal data

Pursuant to articles 13 and 23 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, no. 196 (hereinafter briefly "D.Lgs."), We wish to inform you:

1. that the personal and personal data supplied by you to Betafer SNC upon registration on this web page in the following space are processed in compliance with the aforementioned law and the confidentiality obligations set forth therein;

2. that for the processing of personal data pursuant to Article 4 of the Legislative Decree, we mean any operation or complex of operations, carried out without the aid of electronic tools, concerning the collection, registration, organization , storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, deletion and destruction of data, including if not registered in a database;

3. that the data are processed for institutional purposes, connected or instrumental to the activity of our Company such as filing, processing, invoicing, customer management and, in particular to fulfill legal obligations related to civil, tax, accounting etc. for the purposes of administrative management of the relationship you have established with our company;

The following are the specific purposes and methods of processing for which the personal data of customers are intended.

4. Purchase order: Betafer SNC collects and processes the customer's personal data for the collection and execution of purchase orders, for any complaints after the purchase and to provide the customer with the available services. These data are necessary for the management of purchase orders, also with commercial partners (for example, suppliers of logistics services, couriers, banks, etc.). It is advisable to enter a delivery address and a correct telephone number to assign a purchase order and allow Betafer SNC to give you prompt and correct execution. A telephone number is also necessary in order to allow Betafer SNC to contact the customer for any questions or requests for clarification and to allow the commercial partners of Betafer SNC to give prompt and correct execution to the purchase orders of the customer. The e-mail address is, finally, necessary to Betafer SNC in order to communicate to the customer the confirmation of receipt of the purchase order and for other communications. Finally, the e-mail address is used when the customer is identified to allow him / her to access his / her account.

5. Reserved area - Customer login: the customer's personal data and those regarding his purchase orders are saved in the Betafer system, but will not be freely accessible for security reasons. Betafer SNC guarantees each customer access to a reserved area by means of a password protected. In this area, the customer can view all the data regarding purchase orders executed and those in progress and can also manage their personal data, any bank details and those related to the subscription of the newsletter service. The customer is required to treat the access data in a responsible manner and in compliance with the regulations in force and not to disclose it to third parties. Betafer SNC will not be in any way responsible for incorrect or improper use of the password by the customer.

6. Advertising: Betafer SNC uses the customer's data for promotional purposes, to send information on the items offered on the website. The customer's e-mail address will only be used within the limits prescribed by applicable law or, where necessary, after the express consent has been given by the customer. The customer will receive advice on purchases regularly via e-mail. It is possible to stop the sending of the above promotional messages free of charge, by sending an e-mail request to or by calling 043533672.

7. Subscription to the newsletter: in the newsletters the customer will find information about advantageous offers from time to time. Betafer SNC invites the customer to include personal data (for example, his name) in the newsletter settings, so that Betafer SNC can personally contact the customer. Betafer SNC processes the data collected as part of the newsletter service in order to customize and adapt the services to the interests and preferences of the customer, as well as for promotional and market research purposes. Betafer SNC stores the data collected for long periods of time, it being understood that such data will in any case be used only for the purposes set out in this statement.

The aforementioned annex is reproduced in full below, in its version in force in February 2018:

1.2 Safe transfer of personal data

The customer's personal data is transferred in encrypted form. This applies to both the awarding of purchase orders and the confidential access of the customer to his account. For this purpose the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technique is used. Although absolute protection can not be guaranteed, Betafer has adopted for its systems security measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or disclosure of customer data by unauthorized third parties.

1.3 Saving personal data through cookies

Cookies consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist the owner in providing the service according to the purposes described. Some of the purposes of installation of cookies may also require the consent of the User.

To consult the complete information on cookies click here.

2. Express consent of the interested party

By reading this information, the customer gives his express consent to the processing and communication of his personal data for the purposes and with the procedures described in Section 1 above. This consent is recorded in the Betafer systems and may be revoked by the customer in any time, with immediate effects. It is understood that this registration is optional. However, any refusal by the interested party will make it impossible for Betafer SNC to process the requests and complete the requested services.

Registration and processing of data takes place in paper and computerized form so as to ensure the security and confidentiality of data. Betafer SNC processes personal data and processes them either directly or through the work of other parties who will act as managers, internal or possibly external to the structure of Betafer SNC, or in the capacity of agents.

3. Rights of the interested party

The customer has the right to obtain the indication of the origin of personal data, of the purposes and the modalities with which the latter are processed and of the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic tools, as well as of the identification details of the owner and manager of the processing of personal data, the representatives of the latter and the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may become aware of it.

The customer has the right to obtain: (a) updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of personal data; (b) cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; (c) the attestation that the operations referred to in letters (a) and (b) have been brought to the attention, also with regard to their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except for the case in where such fulfillment proves impossible or involves a use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

The customer has the right to object, in whole or in part: (a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data concerning him / her, even though they are relevant to the purpose of the collection; (b) to the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

With regard to the transmission and use of the customer's personal data for the purposes of verification of payment risk, only with the express consent of the customer Betafer SNC will communicate information relating to: (i) the percentage risk values collected during the six months preceding the request or those saved for the first time; (ii) the type of data used to calculate percentage risk values; (iii) the implementation and significance of percentage risk values for each particular case, processed in comprehensible form.

You can contact to assert your rights as provided by the art. 7 of the D.Lgs.196 / 03 to the following email address:

4. Transfer of data to third-party companies

We will transfer your data to third parties in the following cases:

• if at the time of collection or registration you have expressed your consent unequivocally;

• if we have entrusted this task to other companies, which act on our behalf. In this case, the companies in charge will be able to use your personal data only for the stated purpose;

• if we carry out a merger or corporate activities of interest to users;

• if we have reason to believe that the transfer of your data is necessary in the case of legal proceedings or in the case of measures by public authorities (within the limits of what is permitted by law). We may also cede the data of our members, if we believe, in good faith, that this is required by the laws and / or regulations in force, or that reveal them can prevent the completion of a crime, facilitate an investigation procedure of public security , protect the security of anyone using our site, or to protect the security or integrity of our site, to the extent permitted by law;

• if we use external managers to process and process the data provided according to the intended purposes and communicated in this statement, for example hosting activities related to the use of our websites. Some data may also be shared with third parties (such as auditors or legal advisors) to obtain their professional opinion. This treatment will be regulated by an agreement according to the provisions of the law, in the protection of personal data protection rights.

5. Data security

The data collected and processed are protected with physical and logical methods that minimize the risks of unauthorized access, disclosure, loss and destruction of data, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and the annex "Disciplinary technical". The data are stored in the database resident at the headquarters of Betafer SNC. The latter has appointed a security manager who has the task of designing, implementing and maintaining the security measures provided for by articles 31 and 33 of Legislative Decree no.

6. Owner and responsible for processing

The data controller is Betafer SNC, with registered office in Italy in Via Villanova 24, - 32044 Pieve di Cadore. Currently, some managers who process your data are as follows:

to. SDA EXPRESS COURIER SPA, DHL, FEDEX, BRT for the processing of personal data necessary to perform the shipping and delivery of products purchased on the website

c. DOCOMO Digital, PayPal and Amazon, for the processing of personal data necessary to perform payment activities on the website

7. Changes to this information

This information may change and the terms and conditions may change, we will publish from time to time the latest updated version of the information on the site. In case we want to use your personal data in a way that is incompatible with this information, we will request your consent again.

Betafer SNC