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Our Beta micrometer calipers are measuring instruments that can measure accurately lengths with an accuracy down to the centesimal. In particular, this tool is intended for thickness measurements and external diameters of bars, wires, spheres or other generic measures lengths of outer dimensions of a workpiece. The principle of operation is based on the progress of a screw that pushes a movable cylinder against a disk, which is placed between the object to be measured. A graduated scale integral with the screw is divided into notches, so that we can appreciate the localities of pitch of the screw itself. A second scale integral with the shaft fixed with respect to the screw is used to determine the multiple of the step and thus the macroscopic measure. All products are guaranteed by the brand Beta, such as micrometer Beta external reading hundredths 1658/25. UNI 5708 DIN 863 / II with reading hundredths of drum, steel rods with hardened contact surface Carbide and steel body with its anti-reflective chrome cast iron supports. We also offer interesting models of Beta digital micrometers for external reading thousandth. Finally, you can choose from an assortment of 4 micrometers Beta in a handy box to work to always have with you the various micrometers to be used depending on the type of intervention.


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