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Hammers and chisels

Hammers and chisels

The chisels and hammers Beta offer a good grip, excellent handling, functionality, suitable for any kind of manual activity. Hammers of German Mechanical type with wooden handle really special for professional use, from easy, convenient and practical non-slip grip. We also sell also handles parts for any eventuality, really at very attractive prices, while with us you can always find each item that you are looking for professional and every tool at the lowest price. We also offer a wide range of hammers with round head and ball pen for boilermakers, but also hammers German-type fiber synthetic handle for easy handling and always slip ergonomic grip for a secure and successful. Always we have for sale for mechanical hammers French with fiber handle or if you prefer with wooden handle depending on your preferences and your needs and habits.

  • Mechanics hammers Beta Tools
    Mechanics hammers Beta Tools

    Mechanics hammers Beta , with knokers subjected to a hardening treatment of localized, followed by a relaxation to reduce the hardness to 52-54HRC, a function of a dual purpose avoid detachment...

  • Plastic head hammers and copper head hammers
    Plastic head hammers and copper head hammers

    In this section you will find Plastic head hammers  and copper head hammers . The plastic-head hammers allow to be able to beat without breaking or crushing materials extremely delicate, leaving...

  • Lump hammer and sledgehammers Beta
    Lump hammer and sledgehammers Beta

    We offer lump hammers and sledgehammers Beta with wooden handle and fiber, of different models all with a practical and comfortable grip, easy to use, unique to make the most of every job. In...

  • Bricklayers hammers Beta
    Bricklayers hammers Beta

    Bricklayers hammers Beta , various hammers for construction works.

  • Carpenters hammers Beta Tools
    Carpenters hammers Beta Tools

    Hammers for carpenters Beta, the carpenter's hammers are specific for the insertion or removal of the nails. Thanks to the magnetic profile present on the mouth of the nailing operation is...

  • Punches and chisels beta
    Punches and chisels beta

    Chisels and punches Beta, these tools are made of special silicon-chromium-molybdenum that heat-treated to an average hardness of 58HRC, which gives them excellent resistance to impact and wear....

  • Punches Beta
    Punches Beta

    We sell punches, chisels Beta. Beta Punches from 125 mm to 150 mm at a very competitive price, chisels automatic for spring pins, type long or with ergonomic grip. Or you can choose to buy our...

  • Masonry chisels and plugging chisel
    Masonry chisels and plugging chisel

    Masonry chisels  and plugging chisel Beta. The quality of the steel impiegatoed heat treatment differentiated between pint, stem and flying over the wall chisels, ensure the high toughness...