Inox tools

Inox tools

Tools BETA INOX can be used in harsh environments or areas and areas that do not qualify for the minimum level of contamination. Some examples are: Applications Nuclear, Pharmaceutical production, offshore applications, biotechnology and biomedical laboratories, Food Industry. The tools Beta Inox avoid, in addition, the phenomenon of rust improper. When using tools not made of stainless steel screws, nuts or stainless steel surfaces, the tools can be detached particles that trigger corrosion processes, often creating aesthetic problems, and, sometimes, structural problems. Application examples are: Shipyards, Construction, Solar, Automotive. FEATURES: The careful choice of materials and the wise search of the best heat treatments give the tools Beta Steel mechanical properties well above the norm values and comparable to those of the normal tools Beta. The ergonomics and design of the products are the same tools Beta, known and appreciated by professional users for over 75 years. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. This is also an important feature. Beta Tools uses steel AISI 420, magnetic.

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Drawer tool box inox Beta...
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drawer tool box inox beta tools c04 tss/7
Article: Beta Tools C04 TSS/7 Code: 024003077
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termoformati assort 16ut t99
Articolo: Beta T99 Codice: 024240099
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Set of ​15 sockets and 1...
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set of ​15 sockets and 1 ratchet, made of stainless steel,...
Article: Beta Tools 920INOX/C16 Code: 009203916
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cestelli vuoti stainless steel c20 tss
Articolo: Beta C20TSS Codice: 021203001
€241.00 €216.90 Regular price -€24.10 Price


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