Cutting and general maintenance tools

Cutting and general maintenance tools
  • Other workshop maintenance tools
    Various tools for maintenance of the line Beta in this category will find all the tools for maintenance of greater use.
  • Oil cans and grease guns
    In this section you will find a wide range of grease guns Beta. In the kit is also a range of syringes oil and oilers Beta. All our...
  • Special duty knives and box cutters
    Beta knives and box cutters . We sell and offer only the best knives and cutters - extra-flat cutter models that are supplied with...
  • Hacksaws
    We offer a wide range of hacksaws Beta choose from. Models strong, safe, practical to use and above that can be used for each type of...
  • Flash lights, workshop lamps, and cable reels for lamps
    Beta LED flashlights, lamps and cable reels for lamps Beta . You can choose between different types of flashlights led Beta, lamps and...
  • Workshop vices
    The bench vices Beta is the best that you can find and buy on the market because they correspond perfectly to the characteristics for...
  • Riveting pliers
    Here you can buy the best riveting pliers Beta on the market as the scalable models. Are many and all of the highest quality various...
  • Scissors Beta
    We offer the best scissors Beta multipurpose stainless steel that are always perfect, always by the blades sharp for your works of...
  • Metal snips
    If you are looking to buy the metal snips Beta look no further and stop buying from us where is the guarantee and reliability. Our...
  • Bolt cutters and pincers
    Bolt cutters Beta and pliers Beta . We propose special pincers, carbon steel heat treated to 45 HRC hardness. Of course you can also...
  • Heat guns Beta
    Heat guns Beta , very practical for removing paint iron and wood, are also used by electricians for heat shrinkable tubing.
  • Workshop blade scrapers and reamers
    We offer different types of scrapers Beta as the scrapers to beat type straight, and sets of blades for scrapers. By offering high...
  • Workshop files for metal Beta
    You can choose from many types of files for metal  Beta that our catalog provides you with: files for metal Beta second cut, discounted...
  • Pick-up tools and inspection mirrors
    Beta Pickup tools and inspection mirrors Beta . Beta prehensile claws, are suitable tools for the recovery of fasteners and...
  • Screw clamps
    Screw clamps - Clamps carpenters Beta usually used for tightening, temporary or permanent, between two or more pieces.

We have a wide range of cutting tools of the highest quality tools common, everyday, but always designed and manufactured with the utmost care, from the choice of materials and the handle features. You can find equipment such as saws, Bolt cutters, scissors, shears, traglialamiere, lime, riveting, oilers, and so on.


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