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Sockets wrenches

Sockets wrenches

Sockets wrenches Beta, is a category that encompasses several types of socket wrenches, in fact, sold individually or in a set with compasses, and still compasses, adapters, extension cords, joints, plugs ... All products guaranteed by the quality of the brand Beta.

  • Socket wrenches 1/4 Beta
    Socket wrenches 1/4 Beta

    Socket wrenches 1/4 Beta : are available in different shapes, sizes and models: we have the sockets 1/4 hexagonal, polygonal, long, short, with inserts for Torx, Torx female, cutting, cross and...

  • Socket wrenches 3/8 Beta
    Socket wrenches 3/8 Beta

    Socket wrenches 3/8 Beta : built in chromed steel cold-deformed by extrusion . Available in convenient set or individually , the Socket wrenches 3/8 , is...

  • Socket wrenches 1/2 Beta
    Socket wrenches 1/2 Beta

    The socket wrenches 1/2 Beta (half inch) Beta 920 are the keys used in the most absolute, as it is an intermediate which goes from 10 to 36, and then covers the broadest range of fasteners....

  • Socket wrenches 3/4 Beta
    Socket wrenches 3/4 Beta

    The socket wrenches 3/4 Beta are socket wrenches that from 19 up to the 60 for the decimal number in millimeters and 7/8 "to 2 " 1/16 for the imperial...

  • Socket wrenches 1" Beta
    Socket wrenches 1" Beta

    The socket wrenches   1"  Beta representing the socket wrenches largest available in the catalog ; with sizes from 36 to 80 mm ( millimeters ) , are...

  • Impact sockets 3/8 Beta
    Impact sockets 3/8 Beta

    Section dedicated to Impact sockets 3/8 Beta 710. The Impact sockets 3/8 are special socket wrenches for screwdrivers ; thanks to their greater resistance than...

  • Impact sockets 1/2 Beta
    Impact sockets 1/2 Beta

    The Impact sockets Beta tools 1/2 are special socket wrenches reinforced most used in workshops and garages . Usually are used as compasses for Pneumatic...

  • Impact sockets 3/4 Beta
    Impact sockets 3/4 Beta

    The   Impact sockets 3/4 Beta for screwdrivers impulse mouth hexagonal UNI / ISO 2725 DIN 3129 , are oversized in comparison to models for manual operation , in order...

  • Impact sockets 1" Beta
    Impact sockets 1" Beta

    In this category you can find the Impact sockets 1" Beta , used in automotive workshops for trucks, for screwing / unscrewing wheel trucks or however large. The bushings machine 1 "are commonly...

  • Impact sockets 1" 1/2 Beta
    Impact sockets 1" 1/2 Beta

    This section is dedicated to the Impact sockets 1" 1/2 Beta , larger bushings machine manufactured by the world leader Beta Tools . This particular type of bushings...