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Screw pitch gauges and feeler gauges Beta Tools

Screw pitch gauges and feeler gauges Beta Tools

Our pitch gauge Beta are a measuring instrument used to determine the pitch of a thread. They consist of a series of thin metal plates on each of which is stamped the passo.Proponiamo models for ISO metric threads and Whitworth threads at 60 ° to 55 °, perfect to perform measurements fast and accurate at the same time, you can also use them for a knowledge of the profile of the thread. They are especially useful to determine which male or chain use for threading a piece related to another, or to choose the nut or the screw to be coupled to the counterparty. Our feelers Beta instead, used to measure the internal clearance of spherical roller bearings during the recordings and are equipped with several blades. You can also buy our raggimetri with concave and convex blades.