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BetaGrip screwdrivers

BetaGrip screwdrivers

The new Beta grip screwdrivers are born thanks to years of experience in the design of screwdrivers and the close collaboration with the team mechanics of motor racing motogp. To achieve these objectives have been used new and unique technical solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding. Ergonomics, strength and quality of the materials have been the guidelines for the development of new screwdrivers. The blade of the new screwdrivers Beta grip is made of a new steel with a high content of silicon, chromium and vanadium to achieve higher performance in terms of resistance to torsion and bending. The chrome is of satin antiglare. The geometry of the tip has been designed to ensure a perfect coupling between the blade and the screw head. Phosphated finish prevents oxidation of the tip and preserves the accuracy of profiles. The presence of the texture allows for an effective support of the index improving accuracy and control in the phase of centering the tip of the screw. The section is reduced allowing to oppose the thumb to the index during screwing and unscrewing fast. The power to be imparted during the rotation is discharged in this area, where the section has been correctly sized. The maximum diameter has been moved forward by creating a tapered rear area that best suits the shape of the hand. The large spherical cap facilitates a fluid flow in the palm of the hand and allows you to give an effective action of axial thrust. The texture is designed to maximize grip on screwdrivers in any operating condition. The design and choice of material respond to requests for greater control and grip during screwing and unscrewing of screws. The design is inspired by the texture of the tire tread Racing designed to maximize grip on any terrain. The particular arrangement of lines improves the effectiveness of the grip in all conditions of use.