We have created Betafer because we are convinced that focusing on quality and professionalism in the world of tools is essential; that's why we only offer products whose quality has been undisputed and recognized for decades! We are the first who have chosen an innovative channel for the distribution of our products, managing to combine undisputed quality and competitive prices.

With these two pillars our customers are both maintenance and repair professionals and installers, to whom we offer the widest range of beta tools available online, but also to the enthusiast who wants certainties and savings. Betafer now has many thousands of customers totally satisfied with the reliability and efficiency without forgetting the convenient and defined prices , not least the possibility of an advice by mail or telephone from our experienced operators. Check yourself by visiting the pages of our site, related to the articles that interest you.

Our strengths

PRICES OF ADVANTAGE All our prices are considerably discounted compared to traditional retailers.

HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS characterized by excellent quality and durability.

EXCELLENT CHOICE OF PRODUCTS , the only store offering the complete beta tools catalog (with over 12,000 items) , an Italian company Leader in the market.

Product TRACEABILITY GUARANTEE (all our products are original and certified).

NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY or the possibility to purchase even a single tool.

QUICK DELIVERY , guaranteed all over the world, thanks to the express services FEDEX, DPD and BRT.

BETAFER SIMPLIFIES your work by providing you with the ideal equipment for every use.


History Our business idea starts from fairness towards the customer, to ensure lasting partnerships. We try to respond as much as possible to the expectations of those who choose our store.
In fact, Betafer produces value for its Customers and Collaborators thanks to the above-average quality standard, offering solutions that meet the needs of customers.
It represents a point of reference for the purchase of work tools, service and product quality.


Our vision for tomorrow is that our customers recognize us as a supplier and partner, a leader in the supply of Beta tools. In addition to this, that their satisfaction is the fruit of good service, which takes seriously individual desires and abilities.