Greased Nubuck ankle shoe, waterproof 7294NKK

Greased Nubuck ankle shoe, waterproof 7294NKK

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    Greased Nubuck ankle shoe, waterproof Article Beta Tools 7294NKK

    • Upper: Greased Nubuck leather, waterproof, with Oxford synthetic inserts
    • Outsole: VIBRAM® nitrile rubber, heatproof
    • Toe Cap: Polymer material, 200 joules
    • Penetration-proof insole: Composite fibre, ceramic treatment
    • Underfoot cover Blowfeet: activated carbon latex foam, with shaped border and shock absorber, antistatic, antimycotic
    • Weight: 710 g
    • Sizes: EU: 38-48 UK: 5-13
    • Dynamic control system for lateral foot support
    • Microfibre heel insert
    • Wide body - S3 HRO SRC


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